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Divine Pain - Tomb Of The Sun (2008)

Banda: Divine Pain

Gênero: Death Metal

Origem: Salvador\Bahia

Álbum: Tomb of the Sun

Ano: 2008 

1. Tomb of the sun 
2. Asmodeus (Special Guest on Vocals: Lord Vlad (Malefactor) 
3. Salvation Through Damnnation (Special Guest on Vocals: Sergio Baloff (Headhunter D.C.)

Produced By: Jera Cravo & Danilo Coimbra. 
All the songs by Danilo Coimbra. 
Tomb of the sun by Roberto Souza (Malefactor) 
Asmodeus by Lord Vlad (Malefactor) 
Salvation Through Damnnation by Sergio Baloff (Headhunter D.C.) 

Picture by Dervana Coimbra 
Divine Pain Logo by Sergio Baloff and Alcides Burn 
Art work by Lord Vlad 
Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keys & Drumkit from Hell by Danilo Coimbra 
My Space profile by Adson Dias

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