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Noise Machine - Desire For Salvation (2012)

Banda: Noise Machine

Origem: Juazeiro\Bahia

Gênero: Harsh-Ambient-Noise

Álbum: Desire For Salvation

Ano: 2012

Marcelo França - Noises and Effects

01. Desire For Salvation - 41:07

Lançada pelo selo Minimism Records
Brazilian Harsh-Ambient-Noise Project created in the mid-90s and that was many years off returning to active in December 2011.
Noise Machine is: Marcelo França - Noises and Effects.
Contacts: noisemachineproject@hotmail.com / noisemachine.blogspot.com.
Recorded and Mixed At: Mosh Studios (Juazeiro-Bahia/Brazil) in October, 2012

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